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Day 1- Favorite Character(s)

As much as I love and adore Jem and Will, they are not my favorites. Rather my favorites are torn between Tessa and Charlotte. Both are strong women, but in ways that are not stereotypical of many “strong” females portrayed in literature. They are multifaceted (and sometimes stereotypical) and full of growth throughout the series. 
Besides all that, who wouldn’t love an avid reader as a major character?

Day 5- Favorite relationship

I love how the Lightwood family has it’s traditional family moments as well as some less so normal moments as well. However, it’s their abilities to retain these relationships, even when strained that make them one of my favorite relationships between non romantic characters.

As far as romantic relationships go, my favorite has to be Isabelle and Simon. While they may be beings of another type all together, their relationship is very relatable and human.

Day 2: Favorite Book- Probably a tie between City of Fallen Angels and City of Heavenly Fire. I love the character development in these books as well as the continuation of all the things that made me fall in love with these characters. And the plot twists, I will love you all even though some of you tear out my heartstrings.

Runner up for favorite book would probably be City of Bones.

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